Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fargo Mansion Breakfast Crepe

I enjoy scrolling through the recipes in the Milwaukee online paper. I have to admit that this caught my eye since it has Fargo in the title. With my in-laws living there, it quickly grabbed my attention. Although the recipe is not from the city in North Dakota, the recipe sounded good....always up for a hot breakfast idea in this house.

This recipe is a combination of the recipes posted on 9/26/10 (apple puff pancake), 10/8/10 (puff pancake), and 4/2/11 (Dutch Baby).

I did cut back on the butter and sugar by quite a bit. Since we never had the original version we don't know the difference. I used 1 T. butter in the batter and 1 T with 1/4 c sugar (total) for the topping. I did not put the sugar in the batter at all.

It says 8 was ONE Eleanor sized portion.

The picture below is her first and second servings.

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