Saturday, July 9, 2011

One Year Later.....

It's our blog anniversary around now!
It's a bit difficult to choose exactly which day to celebrate...Elizabeth's first first post....the idea date....

Elizabeth showed me blog details at the WGLO swim meet while we were waiting for our daughters to swim, so that's the weekend I'm going to celebrate the blog anniversary, kinda like a banking holiday.

Hmmm...thoughts on the anniversary.
  • I still have more recipes to write about...hooray. One of my fears was that I would run out of recipes/menu ideas. Still feel that's going strong after a year (with a few blog vacations thrown in there).
  • It's still fun.
  • I have worked on focusing on my pictures a bit which is difficult since I'm trying to quickly take the picture before eating dinner after a long day.
  • Looking at the stats has been fun. I'm glad people are looking...even if it is to say "yuck" my family would never eat that!
Wow...over 200 posts! I feel like we should evaluate the blog and make some goals on this anniversary...but that sounds too hard, so I think I'll just plug along and keep posting.
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