Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chorizo Hash

My new favorite breakfast place in Milwaukee is Cafe Hollander. This place is located on the east side of Milwaukee not too far from my work in an old bicycle shop, owned by the grandfather of my friend Matt. This location has been a number of different restaurants over the past few years but Hollander really is a winner. My sister (now living in California) really liked this place and encouraged us to try it a number of years ago. When they returned for a visit they had to purchase some Cafe Hollander gear; it's just a place you want to think about randomly since it's got great food, great beer, and great atmosphere.

Hollander is one of the spots that is a quick walk from work so an occasional breakfast meeting often means heading there. I have liked everything I have ordered there, but I really liked the chorizo hash with black bean salsa I had a few days ago. Really, really liked it. Liked it enough to try to recreate it at home.

Paul, Eleanor and I rode our bikes to the restaurant the other morning so Paul could try this since I was raving about it that much. Eleanor opted for french toast with fresh berries which was served with real maple syrup (on the Karen scale that scores high). Riding bikes and having breakfast outside just may be my favorite summer activity. I love everything about it...the activity on the way there, cycling home after some good food, the clanking of glassware while sitting outside watching the day unfold....

I usually keep a supply of Trader Joe's soy chorizo in the freezer, a product I have raved about previously. Even if you think the soy meat substitutions are a bit disgusting...this one is different and is good. I think that it could be used to trick someone that it is meat sausage....not that I would do that!

I boiled the potatoes and shredded them when cool. I sauteed the soy-rizo (my term) in a separate pan and put the potatoes on a plate topped with the chorizo. I put salsa on top of that and a poached egg on top of that. Yum. The restaurant serves it with a black bean salsa which I'm not opposed to making it's just that was a bit more time than I had on the day I was making this. The restaurant tops it with a beer cheese sauce which is much lighter than I would have thought. I put a slice of white cheddar on it.

I think I would look great cycling in one of the Hollander bicycle jerseys sold there (hint to Paul for my birthday next year). And the coffee mug is orange and large (hint for Mother's Day next year).

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