Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vanilla Pudding and more!

Milk overload!

We're not huge milk drinkers in this house with 2/3 of us claiming a bit of lactose intolerance. I do like the milk from lw dairy, but we tend to get a stockpile of it in the summer. It seems like we can keep up with the 3 half gallon bottles every other week until the weather gets warm...then I find I need to cancel a delivery or two to catch up. Recently I wasn't on top of that and ended up with quite a supply so I thought about making pudding. At 2 or more cups per recipe I was hoping for rave reviews to bring this supply under control.

First Eleanor and I made vanilla pudding:
Then we made chocolate:
Then she thought of crumbling oreos in the pudding....YUM! I think this will be a good way to use that milk supply before the next delivery.

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