Friday, July 22, 2011

Pesto Pasta

Elizabeth blogged about pesto last year (8/20/10 post). I make it pretty much the same way although minus the pine nuts. Although Eleanor isn't really allergic to pine nuts she avoids them because of the potential for cross contamination.

To cut down on the dairy I have used miso instead of Parmesan to give it that nice salty flavor. Living in America's Dairyland doesn't allow that to happen too often. The cheese I don't use in the recipe I use to top the pasta. There! A great crown pleasing answer!

Pesto is good either way...with or without the pine nuts. I made a batch after receiving basil in the CSA box the other week. My basil seeds didn't sprout so well this year...maybe due to the cold and wet spring we had? I'm guessing that this is a plant that prefers the sun. Anyway, it seems like it is growing well at Rare Earth Farms, so I'll end up getting some after all.

Pesto and gazpaucho are two tastes that mean summer to me, so I'll have to blog about gazpaucho when we get to the tomato season. This will have to do for now.

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