Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saigon Chicken Salad

This has been on my list of things to try for quite awhile; since I first saw the recipe in Bon Appetit a few months ago. While at the Asian grocery store recently I bought some long beans and was ready to experiment. It seems like it is a green papaya salad recipe with chicken, so I did adapt it a bit and used green papaya instead of the cabbage mentioned in the recipe. I didn't use daikon radish either but instead used some sweet radish that I found on that same trip so I bought a package of it for using in Pad Thai. It would be fine without this too.

I didn't use the kaffir lime leaves or the lemongrass but substituted lemon juice and lime juice and a bit of zest. I didn't use the cucumbers or celery leaves either.

There is a long list of ingredients, so I really needed to be in the mood to make this. Even so, I did heave a big sigh before starting this but found once I got going it wasn't too bad.

The chicken....I will make that portion of the recipe again! For the rest of the salad, I may just go with my green papaya salad recipe since that pretty much sums up the taste. I think it's always a bit fun to experiment, so I'm glad I tried this. Even if the entire recipe seems like too much work, I would recommend the chicken marinade.

I would make this again...not soon, but sometime it would be good to have again.

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