Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pretzel Bites

Pretzel Bites
This was part of our Oscar night red carpet party.  There was a suggestion in People magazine to make pretzel bites right about the time I ran across this blog.  Hey, I'm a mulit-tasker and accomplished two tasks in one.  I tried something from this blog and added to the red carpet dinner.  Add to that I made these with my daughter on a Sunday afternoon.  That's a lot of things in one!

We liked these.  And that's a good thing because it makes a lot!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pumpkin Spiced Crepes

I used the recipe but prefer my "usual" crepe recipe a bit more.  The idea is solid, so that will be made in this house again!

Have I mentioned that I really really really like my usual crepe recipe?  It's the one from the Ovens of Brittany cookbook.  I try other recipes but usually find I am a bit disappointed, so back to my usual.  This blog gave us the idea to roll a bit of pumpkin butter inside the idea!

This pumpkin butter recipe is an awesome thing to make.  It freezes a good sweet snack...and the versatility is great.  My fear with this is that we will burn out on it.  I'm trying to limit it a bit on how often I make it.  It really is that good.

So, here it is with my crepe awesome breakfast on a sunny winter day:)

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Night Party

Ummm...yea...the Oscars.  We're not huge movie fans in this house, so we don't know what's going on when we watch the actual program; however, we enjoy watching the stars walk on the red carpet.  Maybe it's just our Hollywood Boulevard experience in the early evening...but there is something fun about seeing it as a glamorous place when we know how seedy it feels at dusk.  Our favorite memory of walking down the famed street was watching a man eat packet after packet of ketchup.  It was a bit eye opening for my suburban midwestern daughter!

Or...maybe it's just that it's the end of February and we're looking for a bit of excitement in the late afternoon.  It isn't a winter Olympic year...the Packers are done for the season....and we can only watch 12 and under swim results on-line for so long until we're looking for something else.  Paul returned this afternoon after a few week trip also.  So, we had fun planning our red carpet menu.  Eleanor got a People subscription for Christmas this year, so we looked at that menu and worked on planning something a bit fun.

Eleanor's state swim meet is next weekend, so she's trying to taper her sugar intake.  That means holding off on the Minnie's chocolate pie (we'll make it minus the secret ingredient, of course).  We're going to have that later.  Ah, that's the one menu item we understood since we both read the book and saw the movie. 

Directly from the pages of People, we made sliders and hummus (mixing up the version from the one they recommended) and veggies, and mini pretzel bites.  Sounds like a fun evening snuggled in blankets and watching TV, right?  There are movie references to each food that we don't really understand, but that's OK.  Check the link above to learn about the movie references if you're interested!

Pork Sliders:
The recipe said to throw the pork in the slowcooker with a can of cola.  Pork...boneless loin roast is what I used even though the recipe called for pork butt roast.  I don't even know the difference...assume it's the location on the pig.  For me, it was more about what was in the freezer! So....we bought a can of cola and threw it in.  After 6 hours or so, remove the pork and shred it...returning it to the slowcooker with a jar of barbeque sauce. Well, the recipe called for 18 oz of BBQ sauce but I had 1/2 bottle or so.  I used about 1/2 c and served the rest on the side.  Eleanor doesn't like the tomato thing about BBQ sauce, so that was enough.  I took some pork out and held it in case that was too strong for her.

I'll post the hummus on a future blog.  It was a different version than to mix it up.  The pretzel bites....saving those for another day of blogging as well.  And the chocolate pie....that will be in another week or so. 
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