Monday, July 4, 2011

Hot Dog Bar

Pink's! Just the word makes me think of standing in the hot LA sunshine waiting in line. And waiting. And slowly moving around the building for a hot dog. I'm talking about the one on LaBrea/Melrose.....not one of the the satellite locations.

OK. I'm not really a fan of hot dogs, but it's a must have when at Pink's. Last summer my friend Nora (knotmuchofaknitter) had the idea of a hot dog bar for July 4th. Anyway, I totally copied her idea last year and decided to go with it again this year. It's kinda like Pink's...only right here in my kitchen with the "make your own dog" fixins.

We keep hoping to see someone famous in person at Pink's but haven't yet. There are pictures on the wall of movie and television stars enjoying Pink's dogs. I guess we'll have to keep stopping there until we see a limo pull up to the stand! I keep hoping someone famous comes to our little parade and celebration but haven't had anyone famous here either(local politicians don't count...nor does the man in the hamster wheel). Bucky Badger...that's our famous...ummm.... person. Don't expect to see Bucky at Pink's though...more likely in our parade.

We will start today with swim practice and move on to a parade right past our house and fireworks that can been seen from our yard after dusk (if you look through the trees). The entire day will be a sea of people in red, white and blue in the park across from us. There is music all day and delicious smells from the food vendors, so we have to do something pretty special as far as food goes. The rest of the meal is pretty typical picnic fare...salad and watermelon and chips and potato salad.

Happy 4th!

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