Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chorizo and Date Skewers

This recipe served as an idea only since I made quite a few substitutions. I'm happy with the result though and would make it my way again. I probably will try it the way it is written at some point too.

I didn't have couscous, so I used rice and substituted lemon for the orange called in the couscous recipe. I think I would prefer couscous next time but the rice was OK too.

I grilled one pitted apricot on each skewer instead of the dates called for in the recipe and added red bell pepper, just because I had some.

All three of us liked the tartness of the apricot with the spiciness of the sausage, a fine Milwaukee product, Usinger's chorizo. It would not work to use the Trader Joe's soy product since that has a crumbly texture and firmer sausage is needed to put on the skewers.

This meal came together VERY quickly, so I'll have to broaden my sausage kebab repertoire for the future.

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