Saturday, November 24, 2012


My never ending quest to find a way to make sushi even I went to a sushi making class.  Actually I was  coerced in the friendliest of ways to go to the class as part of a Healthy Living class at the Y.  My friend, Kelly, convinced me to go to this; although the truth be told, she paid my $5 class fee.  

I learned how to make spicy mayo...hooray!

It was really fun to run out of work to go to a cooking class in the middle of the day.  For an occasional activity it was well worth the going in early and staying late to have this right in the middle of the day in the middle of the week.  

I learned to cut my nori a bit smaller and to sharpen the knife if you aren't purchasing the $200 sushi knife.  Those tips...along with the spicy mayo recipe may be the gems of the day.  

Spicy mayo:
Sriarcha aka rooster sauce
sesame oil
That's it....mix to taste.  I do need to remember to keep a bottle from the Sriracha and then put the spicy may on that bottle.  That way I can make cute rows and swirls with it....on the sushi and on the plate.  

Another fun thing about this class was the $5 gift card to the Fresh Market which I offered to Kelly since she paid for my class.  And we got the Fresh Market flyer which has a few yummy looking recipes as well.  So, I got to have a long and fun lunch, see Kelly in the middle of the day, have sushi for lunch, get a few recipes, help Kelly fill a class that needed participants, and get the spicy mayo recipe.  I'd say that's a pretty good Wednesday!

Making the spicy mayo and adding canned tuna and spreading that on the nori.  Oooolala.

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