Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feta Black Olive Dip

This is one of my favorite appetizers and is part invention part inspired from a recipe seen years ago from the newspaper, Milwaukee Journal, and said it was courtesy of Grasch Foods in Brookfield. Even though Brookfield is a suburb of Milwaukee it is not somewhere I get very often. It's just outside my normal loop. I did stop there many years ago and, at that time, it reminded me of Sendiks.

Before making it for my friend Amy's sprinkle the other day, I made this and a roasted red pepper dip for a poker party with violin friends. I mentioned this in a post on 12/20...and my hot yoga friend Carol really did go to the World Series of Poker. It's not even MY story, but it's such a good one that I'm repeating it. She won her entry (and an all expense paid trip to Vegas) after entering a sweepstakes on the Planter's Peanut jar. It's such an incredible story! The violin kids are crazy about poker and really get into playing it in a dark room with sunglasses and hooded sweatshirts. It's an odd combination....Suzuki violin and poker..but it works for our group.

I'm not sure why Eleanor and I were both thinking of this recipe recently, so once it was in my thoughts I had to find somewhere to take it and the sprinkle seemed like the perfect place. A couple times this summer some of the swim moms have been "tailgating" in the parking lot during part of practice as a way to catch up with each other on summer evenings. Our friend Amy is having a baby in August. I didn't know about this baby for the longest time, but she told me she couldn't do Dirty Girl when I asked if she was interested since that was around her due date. Hmmm.....after that statement it didn't take me long to figure out a baby was on its way!

We had a sprinkle for her...just a tiny way to welcome the baby into the world.

Oh yeah, the recipe.
The original:
1 lb crumbled feta
1 c pitted whole black olives, drained well
1 t garlic powder
1/4 t dried thyme
1c to 1- 1/3 c mayonnaise

I used some cream cheese and decreased the mayonnaise since I bought the huge size cream cheese at the warehouse club when I was there thinking it was needed in this recipe. So, I used a can of olives and 8 oz cream cheese and maybe 1/4 c or so of mayonnaise.

Served with pita chips..yum.
I got this dip made and knit a baby pumpkin hat all in the same day. Whew! I was feeling a bit pressured to finish that hat since I didn't start it until the morning of the sprinkle. Good thing babies have small heads!

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