Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vietnamese Summer Rolls


The CSA box was perfect for making these the other week. Fresh chiles and cilantro from our garden combined with CSA veggies such as basil, cucumber, and lettuce and, OK, carrots from the grocery store all combined for this fresh summer meal.

Eleanor and I had dinner with my sister and her friends when they were all in Milwaukee going to medical school one night...making Christine's spring rolls in one of our favorite memories of the time Lisa lived here. I tried to make them as directed; however, Eleanor thinks Christine prepares the ingredients the best. We have tried to finagle an invitation to her house in California since she is a resident at the same hospital as my sister, but it hasn't worked yet. Gee, something about residents working long hours maybe?

Until we can get to SoCal to have the original Christine rolls(which we do prefer), we'll have to settle for these. And settling for these isn't a bad thing since we got to eat a lot of the veggies from the box this week!

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