Saturday, July 2, 2011

Asian Pork and Pasta

Our mutual friend Hope passed this recipe on to me at a swim meet a couple years ago. As we were sitting in the hot, hot, hot, and humid stands she mentioned that they had this for dinner after enjoying a surplus of sugar snap peas. It is good and has been a standard in our house since that meet especially this time of year.

I don't necessarily use Penzeys spices in this...but it's good no matter how I make it. I did email them to let them know that I plug them on this blog (as does Elizabeth) and never even got an email back. It's not that I wouldn't use their spices because of this....but I now think the homey "send us your stories" is purely marketing. I had thought it was a bit more heartfelt than it probably really is. I wasn't expecting a Frontier Soup basket like Elizabeth received but more like an email back with a thank you for using their products. Regardless, I do like their products even if I don't always use them in this recipe.

Come to think of it, Hope was featured in the Penzeys magazine, so maybe it's just my recipes!

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