Monday, January 24, 2011

Asian Dumpling Soup

This one is inspired from one of my favorite cookbooks from the library, Cooking with all things Trader Joe's . My sister owns this book, so I have used it at her house as well and looked through the pictures. It's a fun book with photos that remind me of ours....real photos of real meals by real people. Admittedly, theirs are a bit better:)

My sister is a busy woman with a new baby and working as a medical resident and married to a resident. So, she just doesn't have much time to cook and will sometimes eat cereal for dinner. UGH. This book seems to give her a few things to prepare quickly throwing many partially prepared ingredients together to make new creations. She had mentioned that this one is a winner from this book, so I wanted to try it a few nights ago.

I really like Trader Joe's and am happy that I am able to walk to one to get many things we like. I do have a standing list of things I buy every time I go there such as the chicken apple sausage, yogurt, tofu and harvest grains mix. My only Trader Joe's complaint is that they seem to put allergy alerts on everything...... part of me likes it thinking it is vigilant labeling and I should be grateful. The other part of me feels resentful thinking they just slap that as a cover on everything. The cumin was exposed to nuts in packaging. Really?! I hope that sometime soon the people at Trader Joe's will take allergy labeling to the next level and not put (what I think) is a statement on nearly everything. Enough of my rant, I just use similar items from another store when I make this soup. And I use items that are safe for us from Trader Joe's.

I just never thought of putting these ingredients together to make a totally new dinner. It is a bit processed as far as food goes, but it does seem somewhat homemade since it is made in the home kitchen.

Quick. Easy. Delicious.

16 oz bag frozen potstickers (original recipe called for a bag of frozen Thai Shrimp gyoza)
4 c chicken broth
1 t soy sauce
1 small clove garlic, crushed
3 c stir fry vegetables
1 egg, optional
1 t toasted sesame oil

In a medium pot, heat broth, soy sauce and garlic over med high heat. Bring mixture to a boil. Add gyoza and vegetables. When mixture boils again, reduce heat to med low and cook for 5 minutes.

If using egg, beat with a fork until frothy. Slowly pour into boiling soup in a thin stream creating cooked ribbons of egg.

Remove from heat and stir in sesame oil. Sprinkle with black pepper to taste.

What a great idea....and there are other good quick ideas in the book as well. I used a large can of chicken broth, so it was a bit more than the recipe called for. I had a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables that I threw in. And, since I used potstickers from the warehouse club I really don't know how many I had left in the bag....but rather just dumped in what I had.

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