Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rice con Queso

I bought the book, Diet for a Small Planet years and years ago at a resale shop. One of those books that is now a bit of the precursor for the newer Barbara Kingsolver Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I read the book and saved this recipe and donated the book back to a resale shop; however, the recipe is a stable in our house. I like it because it adapts to whatever is on hand. Both books (in my memory anyway) are about being responsible consumers with our food choices; although that's approached a bit differently in each. SometLinkhing I try to do...most of the time anyway:)

I included a link(Rice Con Queso) which lists the recipe pretty close to how I make it except I decrease the cheese a bit as well as the link from the title to the original recipe. I nearly always add cumin and chili powder,a bit more like the adaptation. It does freeze well too, so I sometimes make a double batch and freeze one pan of it. It isn't twice as much work to make a double batch! I have made it with different kind of bell peppers or different kinds of beans, zucchini, leftover chicken, other types of beans, chili powder, sliced tomatoes, etc.

I am a brown rice kinda gal, but I used white rice in this since I had just enough to finish the bag. Rice pudding....there's something that I prefer with white rice, but that's just me.

I used ricotta from the store, but I'm hoping to make my own in the next couple weeks after reading about it in Bon Appetit. Of course I'll post about it if/when I do, so you'll know.

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