Sunday, October 23, 2011

Papparadelle with Corn...or Summer's Last Hurrah

This is a pretty one! Can't say it was too much like the recipe since the recipe was more of an inspiration. The thing I made is good, so next summer I'll plan to try the original since that may be even better. used the pasta I had. Our Sendik's didn't have the correct shape, so I'll have to look for it at the Italian grocery store, Glorioso's.
Fresh was too late in the season for it so I used frozen. I cringe typing that since that's probably worse than the pasta substitution.
White increased the broth.
Fresh was cold and windy and I just couldn't go grab some off my remaining plants, so I used dried.
Green a bit of white onion at the start of the recipe.
5 T T or so of olive oil.
My version of this was good, so we'll see how we like the original in the future!

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