Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chicken Peanut Curry

OK. If you haven't figured this out yet, we're huge curry fans at this house. Sometimes people have told me that they avoid curry because they don't like spicy food. Since curry is a blend of spices it isn't always spicy; and just tends to taste like fall to me. We do like our curry temperature warm though.

I have so many curry recipes but tried this one just so I could blog about it. I made this early in the day and transferred it to the crockpot where it got steamy hot and stayed that way until served over rice.

I made this the same week I made black bean and squash chili (I will get that posted soon), so I was able to split the bunch of cilantro down the middle and throw half a bunch in each recipe. I do try to do that so it doesn't go to waste. And since the flavors of vegetarian chili and chicken curry are so different, it doesn't feel like we have been working on eating the cilantro all week!

I'm a bit scared to put peanut butter in any recipe around here since THE SOUP fiasco. See last January's post from the 13th if you want to read/relive that. This is good though. I served this recipe over rice. We all liked it but didn't love it since it seemed a bit bland to us. Maybe if you're not sure if curry is for you, this would be a good recipe to try!
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