Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Shrimp Curry

I was thumbing through the November Bon Appetit when I came across this recipe. It was in the new section (which I really like) where different chefs are asked to come up with recipes for a certain ingredient...with November being pumpkin. I like this section since the recipes selected for publication are usually different from each I get a few ideas with just one ingredient as the starting point. My friend, Erin ( has some friends who do a food blog featuring one ingredient and they make/blog about different things with that item. Fun idea! Here's the address for their blog if you wish to check it out:
I do try to stop at their blog too, so I hope you enjoy it there also!

The chef on this recipe caught my eye since he works at L'etoile in Madison...just a short jaunt down the road from Milwaukee and the home of my alma mater. But, back to the food! In fact, Tory Miller was on one of our favorite TV shows last week, Wisconsin Foodie. It's strange how you start noticing someone/something and then the same person/thing seems to be popping up everywhere!

So many things to say..yet my fingers only type so fast! OK. Wisconsin Foodie is one of our favorite shows. We started watching it for the segment of Athletic Foodie with one of our favorite Olympians (OK...we do have a lot of favorite Olympians, so I won't start that), Garrett Weber Gale, Garrett Weber Gale or gwg or Weber Grill is a Milwaukee native who was in the last Olympics and was on the relay team that won the gold medal. You remember...the relay where Jason Lezak swam anchor and pulled out the win after the trash talking French athlete was sure the French would take it?! Garrett has the website athletic foodie...and Eleanor even got to interview him for a YMCA promo (the link should take you to the video, if you have any desire to see it). I'm a pretty proud mom about the video. And there's even a shot of me being Debbie Phelps in the background while she's swimming. Well, maybe I'm a bit less enthusiastic than Michael Phelps' mom is. Elizabeth made gwg's granola and blogged about has become a staple in this house.

So that's how we started watching Wisconsin Foodie. We enjoy the show even when Garrett isn't on. It features some cool food things happening locally.

Anyway, last week the show featured a dinner with fresh items cooked/served in a tent in the field somewhere near Madison. We had a good dinner before we watched, but Eleanor and I both were drooling over the food. She is not a tomato fan, but she thought even the tomatoes looked good at this dinner.

To get back to the recipe, here was Tory Miller again..creating a delicious fall sounding recipe. I omitted the tomato since Eleanor has that aversion. Other than that, I followed the recipe (hard to believe...but it's true this time) minus the fried shallots. I used the entire can of coconut milk since I didn't have a plan for the rest of it. All three of us highly recommend this...yum!

I had noticed that my recent blog posts were getting shorter and shorter, so this one changes that trend!

This recipe came together quickly and was a good fall dinner on a cool night. It must be good for us with all the vitamin A!

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