Sunday, October 2, 2011

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs

I guess I was making too many meatless meals because Paul was noticing this recipe in a recent Bon Appetit magazine. The deal was clinched when he opened a bottle of wine he brought back from Mexico and it.....just wasn't good. Not a vinegary/bad sort of way but more in a way that we didn't like it. So, he started this on a Sunday and I just put it in the oven on a Monday afternoon when I was home.

He made a few changes to the recipe linked from the title.
After his discovery that short ribs are expensive he decided to change the meat a bit. Instead he used 2 bone-in short ribs, a beef shank, and some stew meat. He did not use the celery called for in the recipe and decreased the onion to one. Instead of those veggies he used one parsnip and one leek. He used dried herbs instead of the fresh parsley, thyme, and oregano. He omitted the rosemary. The funny thing about the vegetables is that he bought a leek, onions, and carrots....all things I had already but not celery. That's the reason for the vegetables used.

Paul did buy some fresh horseradish root and grated that on his stew. I had eaten mine by the time he remembered that he bought that, so I'll have to try it on the leftovers.

I had a large bunch of leeks from the CSA this week, so I cleaned them thoroughly and sliced them. I placed them on a cookie sheet until frozen...then threw them in a plastic bag. I'm sure that they'll come in handy for a recipe sometime over the winter.

Eleanor had a spaghetti dinner the night we had this, so we don't have her vote on it. Paul and I both liked it....but I'm ready to go back to a bit more of a veggie-based meal for the next few nights. Our dog, Miss Dorothy, probably would vote for this again. She's pretty happy with the bone.

Paul bought some hard cider that we thought would go well with was the fall version so it had a cinnamon-y and nutmeg-y flavor. Hmmmm...that part wasn't so good. I bet he makes the stew again this winter:) That sounds good to me!

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