Monday, October 3, 2011

Crock Pot Lasagne

 So, the week of crock pot meals is complete. Overall, I would say it was definitely nice to not have to think about dinner after about noon each day, but there is something to say about conventional cooking! Crock Pot Lasagne was a hit around here. It was a hit for me because this is a lasagne recipe that doesn't involve cooking the noodles. The family all thought it was great, though I would cook it for a little less time.

I used the Crock-Pot Lasagne Recipe from the Oprah show.  If any of you followed Oprah, this was a recipe that Jessica Seinfeld shared when she was on promoting her cookbook. I followed the recipe exactly, though I would think you could use jar pasta sauce. If you use a jarred sauce, I would water it down a bit since the excess moisture from using the  crushed tomatoes is used to cook the noodles. Also, this recipe says it feeds our house I think we got 10-12 servings from this batch.

When it came time to cook the lasagne, I was a bit torn on timing. This recipe says 3-31/2 hours...all the other crock pot recipes said 4-5 hours.  I would allow 4 hours, but would cook for 3-31/2 and then hold the lasagne on warm.  Letting it sit makes it cut and serve cleanly.  Cooking for too long does overcook the noodles.

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