Friday, October 21, 2011

Green Chili

I ran the Steve Cullen run long ago. It's a run in Milwaukee in January and one of the things in the goody bag was a chili cookbook. I haven't saved the cookbooks, since the recipes don't seem to be anything different and I already have quite a collection of chili recipes. However, this recipe is a definite keeper.

The book is gone, but this version (with my variations) lives on. I love green chili stew and ove the thoughts of the Sangre de Christo mountains at Ski Santa Fe. Green Chili Stew (with pork and hominy) really is served at the ski hill. It's a little different than this recipe, but this one works well for us at our house.

This is an easy recipe to throw together. I have used ground turkey or chicken instead of the ground pork called for in this version.

1 lb ground pork
1 diced onion
Saute in a stockpot.

When the meat is no longer pink add:
1 T flour and stir until dissolved.

Then add:
large can chicken broth
1/4 c diced chiles (canned is fine)
1/2 jar salsa verde
2-3 potatoes, chopped

Cook over low heat for an hour.

Serve with tortillas.

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