Monday, February 13, 2012

Pumpkin, pumpkin, and more pumpkin

I have found my new favorite blog (besides this one).  This blog, 
is what my blog would be if I were a professional photographer and put a bit more time into it.  I made her recipe for pumpkin butter on the weekend...and am now enjoying pumpkin smoothies and pumpkin lattes and pumpkin butter on bread.

This is a great cyber place....this blog is.  Gina sounds and full time work in addition to this awesome blog  It makes me wonder how I fritter away my days.  I think I'm really productive, but I sure don't have the blog she does.  She probably does the Ironman in her spare time!!! Maybe my house is cleaner???

When Eleanor and I tasted this we both thought of my sister.  She loves pumpkin, but I'm not sure pumpkin butter and pumpkin lattes taste as good in SoCal.  There's just something a bit too warming and cozy about pumpkin for those of us raised in the Midwest.  Maybe it would be equally as good there on a cool morning though.  And they do have rainy days there (only when we visit). 

I'm glad that she has this great resource for the rest of us.  I differ with her in the use of low-fat ingredients preferring to use a bit less of the real thing most times.  I just prefer shorter ingredient lists...but that's my bias, I know.
skinnytaste pumpkin butter recipe
pumpkin butter

skinnytaste pumpkin latte recipe
When making the latte I did not add any more sugar...the pumpkin butter is sweet enough for me without it! Soy milk was substituted for the skim milk in my version since Eleanor doesn't do well with too much dairy...and she was having a coffee-less version of the latte for the other serving.

This was tasty on a winter Sunday afternoon.   A filling snack after swim practice...and it felt just a bit drinking a dessert!  We will be having these again!

skinnytaste pumpkin smoothie recipe
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