Saturday, February 25, 2012

Penzey-like Kringle Recipe

I had forgotten about kringle...probably because of the nut association.  I used to make this in college...a few basic and inexpensive ingredients coming together for a weekend treat.  As I paged through  the most recent Penzey's catalog I noticed this recipe and thought it would make a great treat for Eleanor.  The picture had a version that included nuts, so she didn't think it looked very good.  I made 1/2 recipe and used diced apples instead of the nuts and surprised her with it after school.

Many changes:
For filling for 1/2 recipe:
I used a scant tablespoon of melted butter
1-2 T each about 3 T sugar total
2 diced apples
Seemed like an easy way to decrease the fat and sugar a bit.
Glaze for 1/2 recipe:
1/2 c sugar
to a good consistency for a glaze

Hmmm...I'm thinking pumpkin butter kringle may be good..and lemon curd...and fresh berry....

Here's a bit of history on Racine, Wisconsin and the kringle.  I was a bit curious about how Racine got to be well-known for its kringle.  Maybe it isn't that well known outside of the midwest....but I have worked places in Wisconsin and Minnesota....and the native Racin-ians seemed to bring this for a treat.  Due to the nut contamination (or potential for nut contamination), we don't have these at our house.  Hey, why not try making it?  It's been years, but this recipe seemed a bit easier than the one I used in college, so I'm going with this one.  I didn't fact check the link...but it made sense to me, so I linked to it.  Feel free to research this one on your own:)

I tagged this post with a breakfast link, but I can vouch for its yummy snack appeal as well!  It wouldn't take too long in the morning if I had it ready to go from the day before.  The only problem with this is that it's just too delicious....

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