Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chicken with Figs and Balsamic Vinegar

Chicken with Figs and Balsamic Vinegar
This crockpot recipe was a bit different on the timing with only needing a couple hours for completion.  I ended up making it on a day when we come home after school for a few minutes before leaving again.  I had it ready to plug in since I had done the pre-crockpot work the day before.

Conveniently enough, the figs needed for this were just about the right amount leftover from my container of figs used for Baked Rigatoni posted on 2/5/12.  So, there's my the figs and make both these recipes within a month or two so no ingredients are wasted.  I know that the dried figs will keep, but I'm glad I used them all since they are just the kind of thing that can get pushed to the back of the pantry and forgotten at my house. I think I counted 18 left in the container before adding them to this recipe.  I guess had I known I was going to make this with the rest of the figs I would have thrown a couple more in the rigatoni.  Not that it matters since I threw a couple more in the crockpot for this recipe. 

I did not add the Port.  I was thinking of adding some TwoBuckChuck, but I didn't want to open it since I'm the only person here fore the next few weeks who can drink it.

I baked potatoes to serve with this since I had a bag of potatoes needing to be used.
This recipe gets a so-so from here...probably not card-worthy...but not terrible either.

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