Monday, February 20, 2012

The Ready- Made Food Find of the Month....

This is it!  My Trader Joe's find to have in the freezer for a day when you need something good fairly quickly.

Generally I think it is just as quick to make a dinner rather than use something ready made, but I do have those times when a packaged item works for us.  There were just two of us for dinner the night I made this...and a full day it was.  I pulled this out of the freezer in the morning and was able to pop it in the oven following quartet practice.....voila....20 minutes later dinner was done. I wouldn't go for a steady diet of these types of meals, but it really worked well the night we had it.  The package says three servings...and there were two of us here that night.  It really was three servings, so Eleanor had the rest for lunch the following day.

The ingredient list seemed fairly pure...I could pronounce everything on it....feta and olives and chicken, etc.  I will get this served its purpose.

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