Friday, February 10, 2012

Tofu Wraps

Ugh.  All around thumbs' down on this one from our house.  I was a bit scattered about this; I was going to make Mediterranean sandwiches and Pad Thai type wraps. I used some of the ingredients for other things, so I was left with this idea...combining the two into a Mediterranean-type wrap.

Mark Bitmann and I did not team up for a new exciting amazing entree on this one:(
To speak to the positives on this experience.  Slicing and freezing the tofu..then thawing it...really does get much of the water out of it.  In the past I have pressed it with a heavy pan, but I will go with the freezing method in the future.

My idea was to make the tofu kind of Mediterranean by brushing balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and Penzey's Greek seasoning before grilling.  Then, I served it with feta, olives, sun dried tomatoes, and artichokes.  It sounds good, right?  The tofu was a detriment to this meal, we thought.

I'm still hoping to make the Mediterranean Club sandwich from this book.  A few chickpeas, yogurt, cucumbers, and tomatoes should make a nice sandwich.  No tofu in that one.

We do like tofu, so I'm still thinking about the tofu peanut wrap outlined in this cookbook....bean sprouts, cilantro, tomatoes...should make it more papaya salad-like.  Maybe I'll try that this summer and grill the tofu on a night I'm making something else and hold the tofu after it's grilled until the next night.

There sure is room for improvement on this one.  Maybe if I get back to the original ideas I will do a bit better. 

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