Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Frog Eye Salad

I can't even describe this, really.  The conclusion we came up with at a recent family gathering is that you have to grow up with this to like it.  And even growing up with it may not help you to like it.  It's a rural North Dakota thing I guess.  Frog eye salad seems to be made of fruit cocktail, cool whip, Acini de Pepe (tiny pasta), and marshmallows.  Not my taste but I make things others don't like which really shows how individual things can be.

My sis in law gave me a North Dakota Highway Patrol Cookbook (that I left in Fargo but will retrieve it in a few weeks) that has the recipe.  There won't be a picture of this since I won't be making it...but the recipe can be found here:
Frog Eye Salad

I like cooking and recipes and have some thoughts that an interesting study would be that of cooking trends over time.  My tastes change...and looking at older cookbooks is so interesting.  Recently I acquired the First Lutheran Ladies Aid Cookbook from Fargo, ND.  My mother-in-law had it in her things even though I never saw her use a cookbook.  There is a chapter of Norwegian recipes!  For real.  And the hotdish page tries to tantalize with names like...hot dish...rice hot dish....noodle luncheon hotdish...lima bean hot dish......DeLux hot dish...hot dish supreme.  and the gelatin pages!  Cherry gelatin whip.  Orange gelatin whip.  And on.  And on.

I have been wanting to make lefse, so this will be the recipe I will use.  Hmmm...the sour milk soup and the lutefisk...probably not.  I know that there are some gems in this book, so it will be fun to page through when I have a bit more time.  I'm enjoying the ads...and the recipes submitted by Mrs. "husband's name" Lastname-son.   A great piece of history that I'm happy to have on my cookbook shelf!

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  1. I should be working. . .but I decided to stumble around your blog for a while instead. I just read this frog-eye salad post for the first time and was cracking up the entire time. Way to keep it positive, charming, and accurate. Love it!