Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pumpkin Spiced Crepes

I used the skinnytaste.com recipe but prefer my "usual" crepe recipe a bit more.  The idea is solid, so that will be made in this house again!

Have I mentioned that I really really really like my usual crepe recipe?  It's the one from the Ovens of Brittany cookbook.  I try other recipes but usually find I am a bit disappointed, so back to my usual.  This blog gave us the idea to roll a bit of pumpkin butter inside the crepe....um...great idea!

This pumpkin butter recipe is an awesome thing to make.  It freezes well...is a good sweet snack...and the versatility is great.  My fear with this is that we will burn out on it.  I'm trying to limit it a bit on how often I make it.  It really is that good.

So, here it is with my crepe recipe...an awesome breakfast on a sunny winter day:)

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