Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baked Potato Soup

Hide cauliflower in the soup?  Who am I...Jessica Seinfeld?  I have to admit I usually don't take to this idea preferring instead to embrace the vegetables!  Then again, I still have CSA cauliflower in my freezer that needs to be used, so I'll try the covert method this time.  I have about one more recipe's worth of cauliflower left from last summer...not bad.

The cauliflower taste was a bit strong, so this may not suit your palate if you really dislike it.   We don't mind it in small amounts, so this was fine with us.  Hey, put cheese and sour cream and bacon on it, and I think we'll eat almost anything! Eleanor and I really like it...but it didn't make 5 post-workout servings.  We each ate a large bowl of it, and there is enough for her for a lunch meal.

Eleanor said her friends were eyeing this in her lunch and thinking it was a great idea.  That gives me the idea that I should probably just make mashed potatoes for lunch some weeks and put different toppings in her lunch bag in each day...bacon, chicken apple sausage, goat cheese, etc.  Hey, that may be a fun thing to do some week during these long winter months.

I used skim milk and regular sour cream while omitting the chives.  This recipe will be repeated at this house.
Baked Potato Soup
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