Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Roasted Chorizo and Vegetables and Fruit

My first thought/plan was turn these into kebabs...but that just wasn't going to work due to grilling time. So I decided to oven roast these vegetables along with some chorizo (the already cooked kind) and have this ready when coming home from a swim meet. I think this means that the grilling days are coming to an end:(
I had been thinking about the fig and chorizo kebabs that I substituted apricots (see 7/17post). When I saw fresh figs coming into season I decided that I wanted to make this as the original recipe recommended. After looking up the recipe I realized that the original called for dates...not figs. I guess I'll still have to try it since now I changed the method of cooking too! I had them all skewered and ready to go but took the skewers out and threw all the items in a pan to match the day a bit better.

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