Friday, September 23, 2011

The Weekly Menu and What Really Happened

I make my plans. I shop for groceries. I think I'm ready to go....and then something changes. Here's the rest of the story on what happened after my 9/19 post. I followed my recipes as planned on Sunday and Monday but then had leftovers for Tuesday night's dinner. I made the bean soup planned for Tuesday on Wednesday and moved the chicken pitas to Thursday. On Thursday the CSA box arrived, so I had some additions to that meal as well.

The box was's that time of year. I debate using everything quickly versus stretching it out for the week. Typically I opt to mass reduce on the first day or two of the box. The potatoes hit the pan for some par-boiling and roasting; delicious with the pitas. I had fresh tomatoes (yellow and red) and sliced green pepper for the pita sandwiches as well.

I wasn't cooking on Friday, so I did need to plan ahead a bit. The arugula was the only thing that looked like it may not last into the next week, so I was thinking about a pasta or a pizza fairly soon with that. The edamame, onions, leeks, apples, and carrots will all wait.

We have not yet had the goat cheese panini sandwiches previously planned for Thursday. But, that's OK since the Breadsmith bread is in the freezer and the goat cheese will keep. I had gotten some ground turkey just in case I felt like making meatballs. That will keep in the freezer as well. And, as for my canned spaghetti sauce from Trader Joe's, I think that will keep for a couple years yet!

The picture is the CSA "haul" for the week. We have been members at rareearthfarm for maybe 13 years or so. It's funny though since I have emailed Farmer Steve a couple times and told him about our blog..but haven't heard from him. I guess he must be related to the Penzey spice people since I have told them about our blog as well. No response from either. I guess I'm just a bit more customer service focused than either Bill Penzey or Farmer Steve, since I would have sent an email back to the sender with a note thanking the people for using the product. No such luck from either of these people....but I still do the same CSA and use the same Penzey's spices, so I guess it probably doesn't matter to them. Just funny to me since both portray themselves as customer focused. Maybe the focus is just how to get more customers?

I guess that's my rant for the day. I just find it interesting. Even though healthcare has its problems, we still do care for the client. I recognize that nearly everyone has a story about some healthcare provider not being caring, but I do think most stories are about caring and concerned people. And people responding to customers. And I'm glad about that.

To the next week of meal I said...something with the arugula needs to happen very soon. I think some type of leek soup is in order also. I did freeze leeks last summer by cutting them into rings and placing them on a cookie sheet in the freezer. After frozen I placed them in a ziploc bag. I had thoughts of making leek chili but didn't do that over this last winter instead using the leeks in a burrito recipe. Maybe I'll make that chili this year (and blog about it). Eleanor has a birthday meal coming soon also; I'll have to check what she would like to have.

It really is a fun time of year to cook. It's cool enough for soups and stews but warm enough to plan grilled meals. There is an abundance of vegetables. Fall is a good time of year!
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