Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kohlrabi and Ham Bake

I'm trying to get organized....I'm trying to get organized...I'm trying to get organized. The school year started last week on Thursday and is now in full swing. I was productive yesterday after my run...getting a few last things for Eleanor's school year. Then, I was a bit lazy..maybe we can just say that I used most of the afternoon to recharge?

Anyway, it's the Tuesday after Labor Day and it feels like getting organized for the school year...well, maybe just getting ready for the week... is in order.

I started the day (after making breakfast and lunch) by driving Eleanor to school with her large load....gym clothes, swim meet gear, violin, and regular backpack. On my way home I stopped at Sendik's and got the groceries on my list. Whew...only 7:40 am and done with all that! My work week starts on Wed, so I like to have things in order before getting to that part of the week. That means I'm cleaning a bit today and getting laundry done as well as having some meals ready/close to ready. Produce comes Thursday and I'm not even done with the produce from last time..yikes!

I'm chopping watermelon and canteloupe today in my getting ready mode. The big perk on that is that tomorrow is garbage day so I can get the rinds out of here....we have hungry raccoons in my neighborhood so getting this out and getting it taken away is a plus. I made granola last night and am mixing up some artisan bread dough today. Freshmen are assigned desserts for the swimming spaghetti dinners, so I will make cookies this afternoon to have them ready to go.

Kohlrabi...it's one of those take it or leave it vegetables for me, and it's doubtful I would go out of my way to have it. Before finding this recipe I chopped it and served it in sticks with a bit of salt for dipping. I do remember my mom boiling it when I was a kid. Both of those serving ideas are OK...but I wanted a recipe that made me excited to get kohlrabi in the box. I think I have discovered the secret.....just add butter, ham, cream, and eggs! Presto...it's delicious!!!

And now...back to cleaning and laundry!

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