Friday, September 30, 2011

The Crock Pot Week

 I did a lot of cooking over the weekend so we must be heading into fall. The black bean soup was made, a pot roast was made, some cookies, muffins and bread were baked. I pulled out the crock pot and started thinking, would I be able to use the crock pot for dinner every evening this week? It was a challenge I was willing to undergo!

Monday night we used the crock pot to reheat and hold the black bean soup and we had that and homemade bread for dinner.  Tuesday is a swim meet night, so the pot roast will be reheated and in the crock pot for dinner whenever anyone needs or wants to eat. Now the challenge...can I create 4-5 more meals using the crock pot? I decided I would really try to cook the entire meal in the crock pot.  The bean soup was a bit of a cheat because I had actually made that on the stove, but the pot roast had been cooked in the crock pot.

I started my search and the first unique use of the crock pot I found was down, 3-4 to go. Maybe a chicken dish? Something Vegetarian?

The menu looks like it will be the following...Crockpot Lasagne Wednesday, Roasted Chicken in a Crock Pot Thursday and Crock Pot Jambalya on Friday. That will make a full week of weeknight meals! Since these are all new recipes to me, they will be blogged about individually as I make them, so stay tuned!

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