Monday, September 12, 2011


It's feeling a bit lonely here. I'm missing Elizabeth's posts and her energy even though I am connecting with her on Friday afternoons this fall. Her daughter has a violin lesson not too far from my house, so we're able to catch up a bit then. I'm hoping that the blog is OK without her as I wait for her to rejoin me but it's hard to know as I post into cyberspace. I have noticed that the readers of this blog must be like me....a bit introverted. There aren't too many comments made on the blog, but I have heard things in person. And that's OK...maybe I'm just typing as a voice for those of us who register as a strong "I" on the Myers-Briggs scale. Did I say strong "I"? 'Cause that's where I fall, so I'm thinking maybe you do too. We did have a comment the other day about a Nigerian prince needing help, so maybe I should be thankful we aren't getting too many comments.

Anyway, we're getting into the rhythm of fall at this house. For sure high school is an adjustment for the parents as well as the child. But, watching how happy Eleanor is makes it a bit easier as the parent. I"m getting some renewed meal planning energy as the seasons change too. I would love it if these days of clear blue sky and cool evenings/mornings with comfortable days would go on and on and on. But, in Wisconsin, we do know winter is coming. Hoping the Packers have a season like last year...maybe exactly like last year! We can hope. And, if the winter Olympics were on this year it would be even better. And skiing is fun.

The change of seasons makes me pull out some cookbooks and think about chili and soup. These days of fresh tomatoes and lettuce aren't going to last forever.

I hope you have found a recipe or two to make on here. And you don't even need to tell me all about it 'cause I understand that too.
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  1. I hear you. It's so hard to know if people are reading or not. Then I wonder if the people that read it liked it or not. I enjoy your blog and am counting on you to post recipes. I plan to have a themed evening for next month as blog recipe. I read a few meal blogs and figure I should actually use them as resources or at least inspiration.