Friday, September 9, 2011

General Tso's Chicken

Hmmm...this one comes to me from one of my favorite food blogs (besides this one, of course). Follow the link from the title and arrive at that blog which came from Food and Wine magazine. The bitten word guys did a comparison of take-out and home-made on Genearl Tso's chicken and Pad Thai. I strongly disagree with some of their comments about the work involved in Pad Thai, so if interested in making Pad Thai at home, you'll have to check out my post on it since that is one of our quick "go to" recipes. Anyway, I thought this recipe sounded interesting and had it on my list of things to try.
OK....what I liked about making it wasn't really sweet...more of just a lighter sweetness. It wasn't greasy either which could be since I used a small layer of oil in the pan to stir fry the chicken. It seemed like quite a bit of work to throw together after getting home at 6:00pm, so next time I will make the sauce ahead of time. If it came together a bit quicker I would be a bit happier with it.
I was really hungry by the time I got this finished the other night for dinner, so I maybe was just a bit jaded on my thoughts on it; however, after having it for lunch the next day I'm more positive about it. It's the tiny things making the sauce ahead of time...that will make a difference for me.
The smell was strong when I re-heated it for lunch, but a number of coworkers commented on how good it smelled. Eleanor had been hungry for the pizza I told her I was going to make that night, so she wasn't a huge fan...but that may not be the recipe's fault.

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