Sunday, June 12, 2011

Leftovers and Crostini

LinkThe plan was leftovers for dinner. I knew that Paul and Eleanor wouldn't be too excited about it, so I decided to add a fun appetizer type thing to the menu. I would definitely make these again...maybe with salad for a summer dinner?

After slicing a baguette into thin slices I brushed one side with olive oil and put them on the panini maker until toasted. I really do like the panini maker! I used a Breadsmith baguette for a few reasons: they are located in my village, the bread is delicious, and the staff have told me that they are careful about cross contamination with tree nuts. I get that there is not guarantee, but the staff has always been pleasant and it seems like they try to keep customers with allergies safe.

The crostini pictured on the right...that's a favorite at this house...fig jam sprinkled with bleu cheese. I get the fig jam/spread at Whole Foods. It was lucky I was headed there for lunch with some friends the day I thought of this dinner idea, so I was able to get a jar of it. It was nice to have the sweet crostini for a more dessert-y item.

The recipe on the left is a new one from Bon Appetit...Grilled Corn, Creme Mexicana and Cilantro. Would repeat this recipe...for sure.

There were a number of other ideas in the magazine, so we'll have to try them over the summer.

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