Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yogurt Parfaits

Elizabeth's 12/22 post on Garrett Weber-Gale's of our favorites. Since she shared this recipe this has become a pantry staple in our house. I usually take a small bag of it to work and have it on my yogurt mid-morning.

Last year Eleanor and I stopped at Kwik Trip to fill the car with gasoline before swim practice. There was an advertisement on the pump for a granola parfait. We didn't get it for a couple reasons....probably she couldn't have it with her nut allergy and it probably wasn't going to taste as good as it looked. We did, however, decide to make our own with some fresh fruit and the GWG granola and yogurt. Eleanor likes a squirt or two of chocolate sauce on hers. The yogurt parfait idea has lived on and become a staple in our house.

Notice the fancy parfait glass. It was a free gift from the local restaurant supply store, Boelter's, when I bought a large plastic container to store flour. I guess it was a Christmas bonus that year. Boelter's is the ONLY store where I kinda like shopping!

Tastes like summer to me!
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