Monday, June 27, 2011

Coeur ala Creme

This recipe is somewhat (maybe even exactly) like one I have somewhere in my possession. I had taken some cooking classes at various restaurants in Minnesota and received this from Palomino Restaurant. What I liked about this (besides its yummy taste) is that it isn't the coeur de creme that needs to be molded but rather a delicious topping for berries. I'm pretty certain I'll find my copy...but this one will do for now. The flavor is similar to what I remember (and I really think I made it just last summer) the meantime I'll make this one hoping my "original" is in a cookbook between pages.

Instead of the sour cream called for in the recipe I used Greek yogurt...non-fat. I did not add the whipping cream at the end this time so it was a bit thicker.

Eleanor recommends putting the cream and berries and sliced peaches on bread and toasting in the panini maker.

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