Sunday, June 26, 2011

Artichoke and Olive Sauce with Conchiglioni

(picture taken before the pasta was added)
I have this recipe clipped from the Milwaukee paper and taped to a card, so I know that we deemed it cardworthy at some point in time. I searched for the original recipe and came up with the link listed above. Yep, it's the same recipe.

I really wasn't thinking the weekend before I made this since I was at the Italian grocery store, Glorioso's, the weekend before I made this. I'm quite sure that I have never made this with conchiglioni shaped pasta ever before and even had to do some research to find out what shape that is. Not surprisingly, it's shell's all in the first five letters of the word, I guess.

I omitted the walnuts due allergy. I used roasted peppers, and I used an entire can of black olives. I used a can of artichokes rather than marinated artichokes. But, other than the basil mentioned below I made it just like the recipe. HAHA.

Not only did I miss out on the pasta shape, but I missed out on using fresh basil. It did look good, but I had made a note on my recipe card that dried was OK so I went with that while awaiting the basil in my garden to grow. My parents were at the store with us and even asked if we wanted to split the bag of basil being sold.

Glorioso's is a fun place to shop and is even better now that there is a seating area. Panini sandwiches, pizza, gelato....yum. I just love looking at the stocked shelves. I had a full refrigerator when I was there, so I didn't feel like I needed to get anything on Sunday. But next time......

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