Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mexican Cobb Salad with Chipotle Herb Dressing

My job has changed a bit in the last year...different boss, new duties, changed work area. It's been a good change, and I feel happy that I landed here when things got shuffled around a bit. One thing I used to do is go to various clinics and meet with providers....positives and negatives to that as with everything.

One of the parts that was fun was that my former boss didn't want to distribute laptops to us, so it meant that we had to sit in clinic waiting rooms without anything to do to look busy. As I said...positives and negatives....we weren't productive while waiting for doctors, but we were able to peruse the magazines.

My new boss is a bit better on the time management, so I don't read magazines on work time anymore. Nor do I need to drive and wait for a quick meeting. All in all, it's been a good change.

I found this recipe in a waiting room magazine. And, no, I didn't rip out the page. I asked the manager of the clinic to copy it for me.

I do enjoy a nice crisp dinner salad when the weather starts to get warm. This is a good one since (as with most, I guess), the dressing can be made ahead and then everything assembled before dinner. The presentation is nice.....and it's good.

Dried marjoram works fine in the dressing, but fresh cilantro is probably a requirement. At times I have added a sprinkle of feta cheese and some crumbled tortilla chips as well but used some roasted pumpkin seeds here. I'm glad for chives from the pot on my patio for this one. I do like a main dish salad for dinner as the weather gets warmer.

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