Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mango Sticky Rice by Pisamai

Wondering about this "hat" pictured to the right?

This recipe comes from my friend Pisamai, an excellent cook. I cooked Thai noodles with her last fall; also it's her Pad Thai recipe I use.

The sad thing is....she's moving. The happy thing is that she will move with her children and be with her husband (who has already moved) and her family will be together again. And, he really likes his new job. And we'll have a place to stay in the Bay Area. And she'll still be my friend.

Anyway, she had some of us over for lunch the other day and served her delicious Pad Thai. For dessert she served mango sticky rice. I'm not sure what it is about her...but even her mangoes taste better than mine do!!!!

It seems like a key to getting this recipe to be authentic is the type of rice used. Pisamai mentioned this and both the recipes linked from this post mention it. Fortunately, I was planning on going to the Asian grocery store the weekend after having this, so I could add the rice to my Asian Market list. I shop at the Asian market linked from this blog since that's where Pisamai took me last fall. I had tried a couple other places in the Milwaukee area but really like this one the best.

I looked at the link above (from the title) and this one....

Pisamai is a good person to watch cook since she doesn't measure things and just has a knack for making food taste really good.

Here's my friend's version of the mango sticky rice:

Soak the rice in a bowl of water. I used a bit over one cup of water with one cup of sticky rice. I soaked it for 20 minutes or so. It is important to use the correct kind of rice...glutinous sweet rice.

Steam the rice in a steamer (see picture):
She didn't know how to make it without this very cool steamer, but I found the link listed above (the recipe title) that seems like it has a good alternative. I was at the Asian grocery store and found a steamer for under $5 so I decided to get it . Mine is a small cone that just fits over an existing pan.
(Pisamai's rice steamer)
After the rice is steamed place it in a bowl and stir in some of the mixture mentioned below.

Stir the coconut milk in a pan on the stove along with a bit of sugar and a pinch of salt (to taste) and mix a bit into the still warm sticky rice. Save some to drizzle on the top of this dessert right before serving. Keep the rice covered at room temperature.

Slice mangoes and serve with them on top...generous with the mango slices.
Drizzle with the coconut milk.

Enjoy...just as we enjoyed our delicious food and laughter the day we had it at Pisamai's house.

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