Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chicken Caesar Pasta

The first time I made this is for this post. I came across the recipe while posting about the Cafe Latte chicken chili and knew that this would be a good dinner idea when the weather got a bit warmer and we were in the mood for a non-hot dinner. Although spring has been a long (very long) time in coming to Wisconsin, it may finally be here...and we appreciate it.

I prepped this a bit on my day off. I made the dressing, cooked the noodles, and chopped the romaine, onion, and mushrooms. I even thought ahead a bit and had Paul grill the chicken on Sunday when he was grilling our dinner. I combined the chopped chicken, pasta and dressing and kept that in a bowl in the refrigerator. I chopped the onion, lettuce, and mushrooms and kept those in a separate bowl.

I have never had this salad at Cafe Latte restaurant, so I'm not sure what kind of wide noodles are used by the cooks there. I used malfaldine noodles and broke them into thirds or so before adding to the boiling water. I was glad to have the recipe prepped, so it came together very quickly after swim practice.

To say this makes A LOT is an understatement. We'll be eating this for lunches this week....and that's a positive.

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