Monday, March 19, 2012

Greek Turkey Meatballs

Gina's Turkey Meatballs
Here's the thing,  a bit of a food slump is starting to descend on me.  I know it's not the end of my cooking or blogging life, but I am feeling it happen.  I suspect that it is seasonal...not ready for fresh produce and getting tired of heartier things like soups and stews.  Also, the short course swim season has come to an end and there is a short break before it resumes; I find I'm most productive and efficient when there is a lot going on.  Having loads of free time makes me less focused, for sure. Hopefully, foodbuzz will help to get me out of this since I think I have picked off many recipes from blogs and cookbooks and am not feeling so hopeful about finding a bonanza of exciting recipes.   Soon, I hope, a fire will be under me again so I can be back to my usual self.

It got me thinking about these cycles in life and how it's unfortunate that I'm not better at just riding it out.  You know, crazy busy at work versus slow times.  I'm going to work on embracing these changes knowing that it will change.You know, those weeks when there's barely enough time to sleep in your own bed versus a weekend of being at home.

This recipe looked like one to try...another one from this blog full of some good ideas.I made them into patties rather than meatballs since the 1/4 c for each in the recipe seemed large.  These were mediocre at best....even served with sliced red bell pepper, cucumber and homemade yogurt sauce, and feta.  For sure I would make the Greek Chicken Pita Sandwiches (8/9/10 post) instead of this. 
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