Friday, March 2, 2012

Buffalo Wing Hummus

New food blog find......Buffalo Wing Hummus led me to this one off foodbuzz.
I thought I had garbanzo beans in the larder...just 'cause I usually do.  I went to make this and found I was out.  But, no worries, I had cannelini beans....a fine substitution.  I didn't add the salt (on purpose) and did not add the paprika (accident).  No measuring on this one either.  I sorta kinda cut it in half and made another hummus (plain) with my other can of white cannellini beans.

Some celery for dipping along with carrot sticks and a tiny sprinkle of blue cheese.    I think we have a winner!

I'm liking this blog, so you'll see me experiment with other recipes off this one in the next few weeks.

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