Sunday, March 25, 2012

Matcha Smoothie

Matcha powder (basically ground up green tea leaves) has intrigued me for a bit.  It goes into the same category as chia seeds...interesting to try...but no urgency on my end.  Supposedly it's a super food...super energy.  Of special enjoyment to me is the one that claims matcha will get you through your everyday marathon in life.  Really, who wouldn't like that idea?  I can always use a bit more energy! Extra energy is especially needed by me about 3pm for the sprint through the rest of the day and evening.

Since I have been on this chia seed, recovery bar tangent of blogging...why not matcha? It's superfood week for me, I guess.

1/2t matcha powder (yikes...this stuff is expensive)
1 c soy milk

Shake until cold in a martini shaker.  Pour. Drink.

Some recipes recommended a sweetener...but we liked it unsweetened.

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