Monday, March 12, 2012

Pumpkin Pizza with Sausage and Apples and Brie

Pumpkin Pizza
This has a lot of the makings of  a good dinner.  Eleanor was pretty excited when she saw this up on the computer; although it ended up sitting in the queue of dinner items for a couple weeks before it worked to make it.  That's OK....always like having recipes lined up and waiting for the right evening to be made.

Sunday evening is a good evening for pizza at our house...time for the dough to rise and to prepare the toppings.  This recipe was a good way for me to re-enter the cooking world after a brief hiatus.  It seems each time I take a break I really do come back with some renewed energy.  There's nothing like not eating well for a few days to make homemade food taste great...and really appreciated. 

A few adaptations to the recipe listed above. Arugula...not in it was served with a heap of broccoli this time.  Chicken apple sausage from Trader Joe's was already in the that's what I used; sliced instead of crumbled. I debated about the I make it as listed in the recipe and end up with 1/2 batch left over?  or do I cut it in 1/2?  I decided to make the entire batch as listed in the recipe so I wouldn't end up with 1/2 can of pumpkin leftover.  I just made a flatbread out of the remaining dough...sprinkled with some olive oil and Parmesan it should make a good lunch for Eleanor this week.

Conclusion:  None of us loved or hated this recipe.  The three of us liked all the flavors but are thinking maybe it's a bit too much happening on a single crust.  I was worried about the sweetness of it...and it was a bit on the sweet side.   Maybe eliminating some of the ingredients would help at a future time.
Pumpkin crust + brie=good
regular crust+ brie+sausage+apples=good
Not sure...but will hold the thought and see what can be done!

Although this wasn't a huge hit, I'm loving this blog...great finds off this woman's site, so cruise around it when you get a few minutes!

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