Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

Do you just hate when you buy a condiment and it sits in the fridge for a long time?  I bought the wing sauce for the hummus recipe and wanted to make something else with it so it didn't sit for too many months in the refrigerator.  So, this seemed like a good recipe for a week after the yummy hummus.

I noticed when purchasing the wing sauce that our store has an organic wing sauce as well as the one I bought.  I thought it was a strange thing to be an organic product and it really made me smile to see it sitting on the shelf.  Buffalo wings and organic.....I guess it could work.   Maybe it's a bit like drinking diet soda with a burger and fries.

As mentioned previously on this blog, the mess of wings doesn't work for me although the flavors do.  This new blog that I found off foodbuzz...tons of Buffalo recipes without the mess of wings.  Having that sauce in the refrigerator every time I open it, well, it's just asking to be used.  I like how this blogger rates the recipes; feeling a bit of blogger remorse from here.   I haven't made enough of hers to know if I'm on the same grading scale though.  I thought it best to start with her "A" recipes...and I am agreeing so far.  I guess that's a good sign:)

Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

This recipe works well to use the sauce...and the rest of the cilantro...and the rest of the scallions.  Eleanor was carbing, so Paul and I could have this while she stuck with her plain noodles.  I'm feeling just the teeniest bit tired of the Buffalo chicken flavors, so we'll have to lay off that for a bit.  It's more of a heavy winter flavor for me anyway, so maybe as it gets warmer I'll tend toward lighter things. 

Other than prettifying mine as much as the original, I stuck pretty close to the recipe in the link.  We were eating these after Paul returned from an international trip and was exhausted....and Eleanor and I got home from Zumba.  It was late...and we were hungry.

Keeping a few cooked chicken breasts in the freezer has been a dinner saver for us.  It helps to be able to pull out already cooked chicken in the morning.  There's always something that I can whip up for dinner with that ingredient...and generally fairly quickly. 
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