Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jim Lahey's Pizza Dough

We're fans of the long rise bread dough.  Yep, we have had starters.  We have had starters get sour and need to be tossed (along with the glass bowl...that was a bad one).  I am now a yogurt maker:)  There's just something about the gathering of natural yeasts that intrigues me, I guess.  I grew up on sourdough pancakes nearly every weekend. 

I haven't used Jim Lahey's dough recipe preferring my partners in the midwestern world, Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day.  It's nothing personal, I just feel a bit loyal to them. thinking about it,and seeing it in Bon Appetit,  I guess I can try "the other" pizza dough as well.    He sounds like an interesting guy, so I'm now thinking there is room in my life for more than one bread resource!

Kneading the dough seemed to help to incorporate the flour.  However, I do like when the work is on the front end.  I don't mind a bit of effort but prefer not to have the major effort in the couple hours before dinner (since I'm not home then).  This recipe just requires planning ahead a bit since it comes together quickly right before dinner.  An added bonus for us is that the dough makes more than a meal's worth of I'm a bit ahead on another day.  I made 3 balls of dough and left those on the counter while the remaining were refrigerated for another day.  The dough felt very nice and was easy to work with...and it was delicious.  Three pizzas the first night; the dough was refrigerated....and three pizzas the next night.  I was thinking it would be good to wait a couple nights between, but the vote was to make it the next night too.  

In previous posts I have mentioned how everyone in this house likes things their own way (I guess we all do), so individual pizzas work really well.  It's also a good way to re-use food and get leftovers into everyone without being too obvious about it. So, it's pizza night and clean out the fridge night and make everyone happy night!

bleu cheese
Parmesan cheese
carmelized onions
canned pizza sauce
baked potatoes, cut into chunks
Eleanor's pizza

Paul's pizza

My pizza  

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