Thursday, March 1, 2012

Asparagus...ummm....Broccoli Penne

 Penne with Roasted Asparagus

I had noticed asparagus on sale the last time I was at Sendik's, but that was no longer the case when I returned to get it for this recipe.  I noticed the broccoli on sale and thought that would be a good substitution, so I grabbed that.  Hmmmm.....I returned home to look at the recipe and noted that was a variation listed.  Good thinking on my part, I guess.

Spring is coming to Wisconsin, so I will be able to try this with asparagus as well.

Hard to believe...but we're getting close to 500 posts!  I think that we have done really well in keeping up with some new ideas.  Elizabeth had her sabbatical, but she has a lot of things to post when she gets back to it.  That's what has been so nice about blogging with a friend.  The pressure is off since the other person can pick up when life has other priorities.

There wasn't a lot of direction established when we started.  And I still feel that we're meandering a big plans for each year of blogging.  No huge gala on the evening of the 500th post. We'll just stay here while we try out cyberspace.  Recently I joined foodbuzz...near as I can tell it's facebook or ravelry for that may add a fun dimension as well.

When making this recipe it seemed like a decrease in butter would be a good idea....I used 2 T or so which was just fine for us. That gave it some nice buttery flavor and smooth texture but didn't give us the fat from 4 T of butter.  It probably helps that I have never had it with the full I didn't know what I was missing!  The recipe came together quickly and was just the thing to eat after sweaty yoga.

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