Saturday, October 16, 2010

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I love the flavors of chicken wings but don't like the whole messy wing eating process. So, I thought of putting the flavors together without the mess. I thought I was being really original; however, I did see this on a menu at Buffalo Wild Wings. Anyway, here's my version:

The night I made this version I used the pizza dough recipe from arugula pizza post(9/23 post). I did make two of these since one pizza with thin crust isn't usually enough for the three of us (we are all big eaters...guess that's why we work out).

I baked the crusts after brushing with olive oil for a few minutes and then sprinkled them with the bleu cheese and chicken. The chicken breast was in the freezer from a warehouse club rotisserie chicken, so I just pulled it out to thaw in the morning. I drizzled wing sauce on it and baked until just warm. Then, I put some diced celery on it and served.

Yum...the taste of wings without the mess!

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